Forklift Operator - Evenings

Company Name:
IWS Moody, LLC
Forklift Operator -- Evening Shift
Sun-Thurs 4pm-12:30 am
Must have at least two years of direct daily experience on a sitdown forklift. Prior warehouse experience preferred.
Job consists of operating a sitdown forklift to move 80X80 pallets of tires throughout the warehouse while maintaining a high level of safety, inventory accuracy, and productivity.
Duties consist of driving sitdown forklift to transport 80X80 pallets of tires between dock and storage areas.
Manually load or unload tires onto or off of pallets.
Identifying tires by label, description and manufacture date.
Ensuring inventory accuracy through the correct use of warehouse procedures to accurately provide tire counts using work
Keeping a clean and safe work environment and achieve established production goals on a consistent basis.
Position requires the following abilities:
Ability to operate a sitdown electric forklift in a safe and efficient manner.
Ability to lift up to 75 lbs on a regular basis.
Ability to pay close attention to detail and to ensure accuracy of paperwork and data.
Ability to work well with others and/or a team.
Average knowledge of arithmetic.
Skilled in time management.
Regular and prompt attendance.
To apply, please email resume or apply in person at 2415 US Hwy 78E, Moody AL 35004 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm.

Don't Be Fooled

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